Singlewire Software Offers InformaCast Integration with ScreenCloud for Digital Signage Alerts

Singlewire Software now offers InformaCast integration with ScreenCloud.
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Madison, Wis. – Nov. 16, 2022 – Singlewire Software can now integrate its InformaCast mass notification and critical event management software with ScreenCloud, an industry-leading digital signage provider, via its Emergency Alerts app. When an event is triggered from InformaCast, the app receives a message via Common Alert Protocol (CAP), which allows a consistent alert message to be disseminated simultaneously over multiple communications pathways.

“We’re always striving to make our software compatible with the solutions our customers already own,” said Paul Shain, president and CEO of Singlewire Software. “This latest integration with ScreenCloud expands our ability to integrate with digital signage partners so organizations can leverage visual alerts for critical situations.”

In an emergency situation, digital signage can serve as a pivotal communication channel to inform people about what is happening and how they should respond. With a direct integration to InformaCast, organizations leveraging both solutions can automatically take over screens with emergency messages.

Being able to deliver clear communications during a crisis is crucial to ensuring everyone’s safety,” said Mark McDermott, CEO and co-founder of ScreenCloud. “By combining our Emergency Alerts app with InformaCast’s notification capabilities, we’re able to provide a valuable solution that extends the reach of emergency messages, whether there’s a bad actor on campus or a severe weather warning.”

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