Selecting the right mobile incident management solution

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From Security Magazine

A security threat can happen anywhere and at any time. That means flexible security solutions are a must when trying to keep people and operations safe. However, many organizations limit their ability to respond to a threat by selecting solutions that keep security personnel tied to a desk or restrict access, which narrows a tool’s usefulness. Mobile security solutions offer the ability to manage situations from anywhere, but in a crowded marketplace, it can be difficult to understand what to look for to address an organization’s needs.

A mobile solution requires an app team members can access from their mobile devices. This is the first step in expanding access broadening an organization’s ability to respond to incidents from anywhere. With a mobile app, people do not need to get to their desktops to start reporting the incident to others, which can save crucial seconds or in some cases minutes in getting the word out and sending help to those in need. When an emergency occurs, every moment counts, so the quicker organizations can respond the better chance they have of mitigating the impact of an event.

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