How to Migrate from InformaCast Advanced to InformaCast Fusion


Understanding What’s Involved

Last year, Singlewire Software released InformaCast Fusion. This new offering combines the abilities of InformaCast Advanced and InformaCast Mobile into a single cloud platform to reach on-premises and mobile devices with emergency notifications. This is a solution our customers had been asking for, and what many prospective users were looking for when it came to an emergency notification system.

While we’ve been successfully deploying InformaCast Fusion for over a year now, we still receive questions about what it takes to implement this tool. In particular, InformaCast Advanced users want to know whether they should be using this over their current solution, and if so, what does moving to InformaCast Fusion involve?

It’s important to understand that before undertaking this process that there is no data migration tool to copy an existing InformaCast Advanced configuration into InformaCast Fusion. Any organization currently using InformaCast Advanced should also consult our “Prep for Success with InformaCast Fusion” guide to understand how InformaCast Fusion works.

In this blog post, we’ll provide an overview of the steps to take to migrate from InformaCast Advanced to InformaCast Fusion. For a full guide, current InformaCast users can log into the Singlewire Community.

Flash Cut

Depending on an organization’s configuration and environment, a flash cut may be the best option for moving from InformaCast Advanced to InformaCast Fusion. This option works well for organizations that can sustain a longer outage window, have IP speakers or InformaCast Desktop Notifier devices, or have a relatively small number of recipient groups and messages.

In a flash cut scenario, Singlewire recommends that the InformaCast Fusion server use the same IP address as the InformaCast Advanced server that is being decommissioned. Why? Because IP speaker and InformaCast Desktop Notifier devices are already pointed to this IP address as their registration server.

CTI-based plugins like CallAware and Night Bell can re-use the same CUCM application user credentials and CTI Route Points and Ports in this scenario. There is no need to duplicate these CTI devices on CUCM. However, it might take a little longer to replicate this configuration on InformaCast Fusion during the cutover as organizations will not be able to build it in advance.

Running Advanced and Fusion

If an organization does not want to cut over all at once, they can run InformaCast Advanced and InformaCast Fusion simultaneously. It is important to keep the amount of time when both solutions are active to a minimum though, as having two separate notification systems in place creates additional risk and potential user confusion.

Uploading Users

While InformaCast Advanced offers licenses based on the number of devices an organization would like to receive emergency messages, InformaCast Fusion is licensed by the number of users. Each user is assigned a Cisco IP phone, a desktop running InformaCast Desktop Notifier, and four mobile devices, with a maximum of five designated as Android or iOS, and up to three (per type) designated as SMS, phone call, and email.

This user information can be imported into InformaCast Fusion in bulk from an LDAP server such as Microsoft Active Directory using a properly formatted .csv file.

These are the basic steps to be aware of when considering migration, for more details, please contact a member of the Singlewire team




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