The Business Continuity Benefits of InformaCast Fusion


Business Continuity Benefits

A business relies on its people to keep things running, but certain events can disrupt normal operations and threaten business continuity. Having your network go down or having your normal work facility become unusable can result in costly downtime. That downtime can be prolonged if you do not have a good way to communicate with your workforce. You don’t want to leave your people in the dark, but without access to your network or devices, it can be difficult to share information that keeps helps you resume normal operations quickly.

But what if you could still communicate with members of your organization even without access to your network or the devices within your facility? That’s the power of InformaCast Fusion. In this blog post, we’ll outline how organizations can take advantage of the business continuity benefits provided by this mass notification tool.

Communicate with the Cloud

Being able to reach people through on-premises devices is an important part of any communication plan, but those devices are only valuable if people are in your building and running on a functioning network. If your network goes down or an event happens at or near your facility during off-hours, those devices might not be very useful. IP phones, IP speakers, digital signage, desktop computers can no longer serve their intended purpose as endpoints for alerts. This gives you limited options for reaching your people with the information they need.

If you have no other means of distributing a message, information will likely disseminate slowly, via word of mouth. This comes with a host of issues including misinformation and the inability to guarantee everyone is informed about the situation taking place. You could call people on mobile devices, but this is also time-consuming and difficult to manage.

You need to have a system in place that allows you to easily communicate with and coordinate your workforce. That’s why it’s important to be able to send mass notifications via the cloud. Having a communication system that is not reliant on your infrastructure or your people being inside your buildings gives you more flexibility for alerting. Plus, being able to send messages in multiple formats, like email and SMS text, to your entire organization with the push of a button, makes it more likely that you’ll reach everyone in a timely manner. This eases the burden of communication for administrators and safety personnel.

Leverage InformaCast Fusion

When organizations deploy InformaCast Fusion for mass notification they are able to reach people via mobile and on-premises devices due to the software’s hybrid-cloud architecture. This gives organizations a failsafe means of reaching people if their network goes down or something happens to their facility. Since InformaCast Fusion leverages the cloud for notification, even if on-premises devices are inaccessible, notifications can still be delivered via the InformaCast app. Within the app, administrators can send messages, see recipient data and get confirmation responses. Messages sent from the app can be delivered to preconfigured groups as SMS text messages, push notifications to other InformaCast app users, and email.

This gives your organization the best chance for reaching everyone quickly with information that can impact downtime. Whether you experience a cyber-attack, network outage, fire, flooding, chemical spill or some other incident, you can still communicate the details your people need to stay informed With more people informed more quickly, your organization can get back up and running, mitigating the damage extended downtime can cause




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