InformaCast Command Center Now Available in Mobile App


Easily Send Notifications from Anywhere

We recently released InformaCast Command Center for InformaCast Fusion. This new feature made it easy for users to quickly develop and send detailed notifications for common emergency scenarios. Our goal is to make sending notifications easy so that they reach people quicker. The less time you need to spend finding the right message to send, the faster people get the information they need to stay safe.

With this idea in mind, we’re excited to announce the release of InformaCast Command Center for the InformaCast Mobile app. Now InformaCast Fusion users can access this helpful feature even if they are away from their desktop computer. In this blog post, we’ll outline how users can leverage this tool to enhance safety and communication.

Access Command Center on Mobile

InformaCast Command Center allows organizations to create buttons with icons within the InformaCast Fusion interface for common emergency scenarios. Active shooter situations, medical emergencies, fires, chemical spills, and other emergencies may occur more frequently than others depending on the type of organization. With InformaCast Command Center these scenarios can each have associated questions the administrator can answer to provide more details about the situation taking place. These can include the location of the emergency, specific details about the appearance of an active shooter, or additional information about the kind of medical emergency taking place. Administrators can then select the groups that will receive the notification and send. All scenarios, questions fields, groups, colors, and icons can be fully customized to meet your alerting needs.

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Once created, the scenarios can then be accessed and utilized in the InformaCast Mobile app. Whether your organization is running Android or iOS, the InformaCast Mobile app with InformaCast Command Center can help you send mass notifications from wherever you are. If security personnel are roaming a building, or someone is coming back into a building and notices a potentially dangerous situation unfolding, they can use the app to send the alert. Command Center icons will be available in the app and walk the user through the same process of answering any questions requested before the notification can be sent.


Additional Updates

This new functionality is part of a broader update for InformaCast 12.9.1. Other updates for this release include improved user interface for the InformaCast Mobile app and overall performance enhancements. Full release notes can be viewed here.




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