How Healthcare Facilities are Using Desktop Notification During the Coronavirus Outbreak


Desktop Notification for Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has caused disruptions across every industry, but healthcare has been hit especially hard. Hospitals and clinics are experiencing overwhelming demand as the number of cases continue to rise around the world. Effectively responding to this influx relies on strong communication to coordinate resources and set expectations. Healthcare organizations need a tool that helps share information and updates with all of their staff to ensure everyone is on that same page. That’s why many are turning to mass notification solutions to help deliver consistent communications with helpful updates. In this blog post, we’ll share how two healthcare customers implemented InformaCast desktop notifications to help facilitate better communications during the coronavirus outbreak.

A Rapid Implementation

Singlewire Software has helped two large healthcare organizations implement desktop notification via our InformaCast software within 24 hours of purchasing the solution to address communication needs brought on by the coronavirus outbreak. A healthcare group on the east coast that has been dealing with the impact of the coronavirus came to us looking to reach several thousand desktop computers with mass notifications that shared critical operational updates. Another healthcare group in Arizona came to us looking to reach 17,000 desktop computers with notifications that delivered important updates and checked in on their employees’ wellbeing. Notifications were sent with a list of coronavirus symptoms and a link to a website to complete an online health assessment if they were experiencing any of the listed symptoms.

Use Mass Notification to Manage Remote Workers

In both instances, the organizations recognized that simply sending out mass emails to everyone in their organization was an ineffective way to share information. With news about the coronavirus rapidly changing, it’s important that updates are shared and read quickly. Desktop notifications delivered via InformaCast can pop-up over open applications to ensure recipients notice new alerts. As schedules change and hospitals experience an influx of patients, this can make a huge difference in securing the help needed to continue to provide excellent patient care.

Going Beyond Desktop Notification

While desktop notification was the most pressing need for these healthcare customers, our mass notification solution can help deliver vital communications across a wide range of channels. Within a hospital or clinic, mass notifications can also be shared as audio and text to IP phones, IP speakers, and digital signage. As the coronavirus forces many people to work remotely, mobile notification can also be utilized to send SMS text messages, push notifications, emails and recorded phone messages with new developments.

As this situation evolves, healthcare organizations will need to conduct ongoing incident management to assess and determine the best course of action for their people and facilities. InformaCast offers several methods for collaborating with key team members via Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex Teams, and/or conference calls. Following a mass notification distribution, automatic invitations can be sent to a select group of people who can quickly gather and make decisions.

Healthcare organizations that implement a mass notification solution now will get the added benefit of having a powerful safety and communication tool when operations return to normal. Mass notification can be used to ask for assistance with a violent patient, initiate a lockdown, or to send alerts about a potential biohazard incident. With a limitless ability to customize messages and recipient groups, healthcare workers can send the right message to the right people at the right time to ensure an efficient response that keeps people out of harm’s way.

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