Why InformaCast Advanced Customers are Switching to InformaCast Fusion


Make the Switch to InformaCast Fusion

As the way organizations operate continues to shift due to the ongoing pandemic and new technologies, we see many of our customers upgrade from their InformaCast Advanced system to InformaCast Fusion. Customers have long selected InformaCast Advanced for its multicast paging capabilities, but the features of this system have long since surpassed this single-function use case. Many organizations utilize InformaCast Advanced as a central component of their emergency communication plans by levering on-premises audio and text notifications. However, InformaCast Fusion offers several advantages over InformaCast Advanced that expands its capabilities to address modern challenges. Many customers are making the switch to take full advantage of these additional features to keep their people safe and informed, everywhere, every time. 

Here are the top 10 reasons InformaCast Advanced customers are upgrading to InformaCast Fusion for expanded mass notification capabilities.

1. Mobile Alerting

With InformaCast Fusion, customers can manage alerts to mobile and on-premises devices from a single interface. This greatly expands the reach of emergency communications as organizations can reach people directly on devices they often carry with them and via the devices positioned within their buildings. SMS texts, push notifications, emails, and recorded audio can all be delivered to mobile devices via InformaCast Fusion. At the same time, text and audio alerts are sent to IP speakers, IP phones, digital signage, and desktop computers. Whether people are remote or within a building, organizations know that people are receiving the critical information they need to stay safe in a timely manner. Access to the InformaCast Mobile app also means organizations have greater flexibility when triggering a notification. Now, the moment someone sees an incident occur, they can pull out their phone and send a notification. Customers are also saving money by eliminating a separate mobile-only notification tool and consolidating all of their alerting into a single system.  

2. Access to InformaCast Command Center

Incident management has become a growing need as organizations address threats from active shooters to health crises and other emergencies. InformaCast Fusion customers get automatic access to one of our most popular features: InformaCast Command Center, which helps quickly alert people about common emergencies. Using configurable buttons available from the main InformaCast Fusion interface and InformaCast Mobile app, users can trigger detailed alerts with just a few clicks. This simplifies the first step in the incident management process, alerting people that an incident has occurred. 

3. Collaboration Tool Integrations

To further assist with incident management, InformaCast Fusion users can quickly gather key stakeholders in Microsoft Teams, Webex, Zoom, or a conference call to assess the situation and deploy assistance. Notifications can be sent directly to these applications, along with follow-up invitations to join virtual collaboration spaces. 

4. Expanded Phone Compatibility

InformaCast Fusion offers customers greater flexibility with what phone system they use. No longer do you need to be running CUCM to take advantage of what InformaCast has to offer. Organizations with phone systems capable of listening for an audio stream sent over a multicast IP address and port can now leverage InformaCast Fusion.   

5. High Availability

When an emergency occurs, not being able to communicate with your people can be catastrophic. InformaCast Fusion customers can take advantage of High Availability to ensure critical messages reach the right people with the right information, no matter what happens. High Availability is built upon three components:

  • Fusion Failover, which is data center resiliency;
  • Survivable Remote Site Notification, which allows messages to be sent and received even if the network goes down between the data center and a remote site;
  • And Distributed Activation, which distributes the workload across multiple InformaCast Fusion Servers, scaling notification distribution, so messages are delivered quickly.

6. Domains

Message templates, notification profiles, and notifications can be added to a domain (or have a domain added to them) in InformaCast Fusion. Domains allow customers to view resources through a hierarchical architecture and grant permissions to those resources at each level. This gives users within different departments more autonomy while safeguarding the ability to communicate with an entire organization.

7. Sleeker Web Interface

The InformaCast Fusion web interface features a sleek, modern design that is easy to navigate. Users can spend less time managing their system with a straightforward dashboard and see real-time reports regarding notification history, which displays how long it takes notifications to reach everyone on each channel. It also displays response results from recipients as they come in to provide actionable insight for incident response. The interface is also mirrored for those with the right permissions within the InformaCast Mobile app. What someone sees in one interface is available in the other, making it simple to move between the two. 

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8. Desktop Notifier Licenses are Included

Managing devices is simplified with InformaCast Fusion as Desktop Notifier licenses are included with your purchase. InformaCast Fusion is licensed by the number of users rather than the number of devices, and users can have multiple devices associated with their profile. That means there’s less for administrators to keep track of to ensure messages reach every person and device.

9. Simple Upgrades

With InformaCast Fusion, users no longer need license keys. Customers also benefit from automatic upgrades of the cloud service and one-click upgrades on the appliance. This results in less time maintaining the system and more time using it to keep people informed. 

10. Builds on the Capabilities of InformaCast Advanced

The biggest benefit of InformaCast Fusion is that customers who upgrade don’t lose any of the functionality of InformaCast Advanced. It’s all added value. Customers can still send messages to all of the on-premises devices they already use for alerting while adding mobile notifications to expand their reach. Features like CallAware, analog paging integration, and school bell scheduling are still available, while features like Command Center, Microsoft Teams integration, and High Availability can make notifications even more effective. 

The Singlewire team is dedicated to providing a smooth transition from InformaCast Advanced to InformaCast Fusion. We offer video tutorials, virtual classroom sessions, and other on-demand training and resources to ensure you get up and running quickly. Contact our sales team at [email protected] to schedule a demo of InformaCast Fusion so you can see how your organization can benefit from this powerful alerting solution.



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