Mass Notification Resources for National Preparedness Month


2022 National Preparedness Month

Each September FEMA and aim to raise awareness about the importance of disaster and emergency preparedness with National Preparedness Month. In his official proclamation for this year’s observance, President Biden stated, “During National Preparedness Month, my Administration recommits to preparing our Nation for disasters, both natural and manmade, and especially the extreme weather events that we face with increasing frequency and ferocity. We also continue our efforts to ensure that all Americans have the resources they need to keep themselves and their families safe.”

At Singlewire Software, we understand that being prepared can save time, minimize confusion, and lead to more successful outcomes when disaster strikes. That’s why we’ve built tools and developed resources that aid organizations in their preparedness efforts.

Severe Weather eBook

No matter where your organization is located, it is susceptible to the threat of severe weather and other natural disasters. Whether it’s blizzards or hurricanes, earthquakes, or wildfires, these events can have significant impacts on the day-to-day operations of your organization. Without proper planning and the right tools, natural disasters can put your people at risk and disrupt activities leading to prolonged downtime. Our eBook, “Preparing for Severe Weather and Natural Disasters,” details how mass notification and critical event management tools can be used to establish effective response strategies.

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Buyer’s Guide

Preparedness is built on a strong foundation of communication, but the solutions that facilitate this communication can be hard to sort through. Finding the right solution takes time and research, and as technology evolves organizations need to bypass assumptions about what certain tools can do so they can accurately assess similar systems. This is particularly true when it comes to mass notification as new developments, integrations, and feature sets have surpassed the simple mass paging capabilities most organizations associate with these tools.

That’s why we provide a Mass Notification Buyer’s Guide to reflect the current state of the marketplace. This guide includes easy-to-digest sections, guiding buyers through every step of their decision-making process. It also addresses the growing role critical event management plays with mass notification.

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User Guides, Tutorials, and More

Preparedness isn’t a one-and-done exercise. It takes ongoing assessment and modification to ensure that organizations are prepared for any situation they may face. That’s why Singlewire Software offers many on-demand resources for customers to take advantage of new features. Video tutorials, user guides, and online forums are all available within the Singlewire Support Community. Customers can stay prepared and up-to-date on the latest tools to help with their emergency response.




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