The Advantages of Using a Single Vendor for Emergency Notifications


One vs. Many

We’ll often encounter customers who are using InformaCast for on-premises notifications, but are using a different tool to alert their people on mobile phones, and yet another for other communication systems. While every organization needs to choose the solutions that are most effective for them, managing more than one solution for critical communications is never ideal. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the advantages of using a single vendor for on-premises and mobile emergency notifications.

Safety Advantages

The key traits of any emergency notification system should be speed and reach. That means getting a message out quickly and hitting as many devices as possible to ensure that everyone receives the information. When using more than one emergency notification solution, it’s not difficult to see how both of these goals can be challenging to achieve.

From a speed perspective, having to manage two or more systems means it’s going to take longer to send a message out. This is best illustrated by using a customer example. We worked with a large university in the southeast U.S that had six different systems for emergency notification. This included a typical mass notification vendor that sends bulk SMS text messages and e-mails, but also a system for updating the university home page, a giant outdoor public address system, a digital signage vendor and another vendor for desktop pop-ups. At the time, they also used InformaCast for broadcasting to 15,000+ Cisco phones. Because these were all disparate systems, it took them nearly ten minutes to send a message to the entire campus. They had to log into one system, send a message, and repeat this process five more times. After consolidating all of these into one system, it took less than two minutes to send a message to everyone on campus via all of these methods. When every second counts, being able send a message out in as little time as possible can make all the difference.

On the reach side, if the systems are not all tied together, it can be difficult to have confidence every device is being reached. Needing to manage multiple systems means certain devices could be overlooked or fall through the cracks, particularly if the integration between these systems is weak and there is not adequate reporting feedback. You wouldn’t want to be the one person to not receive information about an active shooter in the area, so why should that be an acceptable outcome for anyone in your organization?

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A single system means messages can be sent all at once, and all your devices can be managed from the same spot, increasing the likelihood everyone receives an emergency notification.

Practical Advantages

Cimpl, a leader in IT, telecom and cloud expense management published a blog post about whether to use a single vendor or multiple vendors when making a purchasing decision. Among the advantages listed, they included minimal complexity leading to easier integrations and implementation, lower price due to volume discounts, and more comprehensive product updates.

These are all important considerations when deciding on an emergency notification system. It’s a significant investment so want to get the most bang for your buck. You also want it up and running as soon as possible to help enhance the safety of your organization and fulfill your duty of care. Finding a solution that can easily integrate with existing technology and provides regular updates can have a positive safety impact on your organization.

Leveraging InformaCast Fusion

At Singlewire, we’ve recognized the desire for organizations to be able to reach their people on on-premises and mobile devices. That’s why we introduced InformaCast Fusion to offer an all-in-one emergency notification solution. Fusion users can reach mobile devices and on-premises devices with pre-built messages that can be sent with the push of a button. This provides unparalleled speed and reach when sending messages to large groups of people. It also offers robust mobile capabilities such as confirmation response and the ability to send messages as SMS text messages, push notifications and emails.

Consider these factors when making a purchasing decision and visit our pricing page to see if InformaCast Fusion is a good fit for your organization.




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