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AtlasIED is a leading global manufacturer of high-quality commercial audio and communication technology solutions. Its IPX series of endpoints offer high-output speakers, high-resolution LCD displays, microphones, and LED flashers. InformaCast complements the IPX platform of IP endpoints by delivering audio and visual alerts to on-premises and mobile devices. This greatly expands an organization’s reach to ensure no one misses a message during a critical situation. IPX and InformaCast integrate seamlessly with existing VoIP and other traditional networks, enabling integrators to easily implement a complete emergency notification system within almost any environment.


This integration strengthens InformaCast’s ability to integrate with tools that organizations already have in place to communicate while expanding the notification and incident management capabilities of AltlasIED. This helps with:

  • Delivering intrusive, attention-grabbing audio and visual alerts during emergencies.
  • Creating a comprehensive unified communications environment.
  • Streamlining the ability to initiate and broadcast notifications.
  • Adding incident management capabilities to notification tools.

Use Cases

AltasIED and Singlewire Software serve schools and districts, businesses, hospitals, and other organizations looking to strengthen their safety and communication strategies. Together, these solutions help organizations address a wide range of threats and situations, including:

  • Lockdowns and evacuations
  • Active shooters and violent intruders
  • Daily Announcements

About AtlasIED

AtlasIED is a leading global manufacturer of high-quality commercial audio and communication technology solutions for a variety of applications and customers. The company’s mission is to protect, inform, and entertain. This commitment drives the development and creation of solutions and services that help customers solve their most complicated audio and communication challenges. With decades of experience, AtlasIED offers an expansive portfolio to serve many markets with interconnected and integrated solutions designed with intention.

Support Details

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