How Do Healthcare Professionals Use InformaCast?

how healthcare professionals use their emergency notification system

Thousands of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals use InformaCast on a daily basis. We recently asked them how they use InformaCast and how it fits in their environment. 



  • Weather Alerts: One of our clients uses InformaCast to receive automated weather alerts and automatically unlock designated shelter areas when an alert is triggered. It is the “most important [InformaCast feature] to [their facility] to date,” says the client. Healthcare facilities face unique challenges when severe weather strikes. It’s crucial that staff members are warned of severe weather well in advance, since they may need time to get themselves, their patients, and necessary equipment to safety. 
  • Emergency Call Alerts: “We are in the process of using InformaCast CallAware to allow us to determine who is calling 911, so that when police show up, they can be directed to the right place,” says a client. 
  • Panic/Emergency Buttons: One client who works at a facility that provides behavioral health services says, “...sometimes clients threaten their provider. We use InformaCast to put a phone service button on each phone labeled ‘Emergency,’ which when pressed, sends an audio and text alert to every other phone in the same building telling them that help is needed in a particular office...”
  • Paging: Paging is the bread and butter of InformaCast, but that doesn't mean it should be overlooked. Says one client, “We only use [InformaCast] for paging within the office, but that is a very important aspect as the offices that use it become very, very accustomed to having it and use it daily.”


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