Emergency Message Templates Now Available for New InformaCast Fusion Customers

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Easy Set Up and Implementation

When planning for emergency scenarios, it can be difficult to know what to include in your messages. Alerts must be informative, concise, and ultimately keep people out of harm’s way. Every industry has a different set of needs and situations they need to prepare for, which can further complicate finding the right message. An emergency notification system can help spread the word, but it’s still up to you to craft the right message.

In an effort to help organizations address this challenge, Singlewire Software now offers additional message templates for new users of InformaCast Fusion. Now, InformaCast Fusion users can have prebuilt message templates at their fingertips for various scenarios to ease the setup and implementation process. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the different scenarios and industries covered by these enhanced message templates for new InformaCast Fusion customers.

Message Templates by Industry

Regardless of industry, mass notification is a must. Getting the word out to everyone lets them know an emergency is occurring and what steps they should take to stay safe. With this in mind, we’ve created new message templates for the different verticals we serve, in addition to the existing templates included when InformaCast Fusion is installed.

Current Fusion customers have access to a number of message templates for situations that include lockdowns, severe weather, and IT system failures. Now, new Fusion customers will also be able to access message templates built to suit their industry. Healthcare, education, government, manufacturing, and retail message templates offer a more personalized starting point for organizations to create emergency alerts. Message templates for each industry include:

  • Healthcare: Code Blue, hazmat spill, scheduled announcement, staff surge, and room turn
  • Education: Lockdown, classroom hold, and building secure
  • Government: Lockdowns and EOC established
  • Manufacturing: Shift changes and chemical spills
  • Retail: Store closing announcements

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Reaching Mobile and On-Prem Devices

InformaCast Fusion can reach mobile and on-premises devices with emergency messages in various formats from a single interface. Users can manage and send messages from the web or mobile app, offering organizations the best chance of reaching everyone with critical information.