Multicast for Singlewire Applications Whitepaper


Get Answers to Your Questions

How many times do you get a question about multicast ranging from "why" to "how" to "help"?  Probably a lot!

Our senior programmers and engineers at Singlewire have put together the white paper “Multicast for Singlewire Applications Whitepaper“ to help answer these questions for many audiences, including:

  • Non Technical and/or Management - Executive Summary defines Multicast and the benefits of using it.
  • Sales Engineers - Executive Summary provides high level deployment options, and Multicast content can provide more detailed information on design strategy.
  • Engineering - Multicast and Troubleshooting sections provide information on design, implementation, links to example configurations, links to tools, and common troubleshooting steps.

We hope to help make our customers and partners more self sufficient by providing configuration examples, networking tools, access to detailed information, and answers to common questions.

Download Multicast for Singlewire Applications Whitepaper (KB Article/PDF Download)

Key Takeaways

  • Learn why multicast is used with Singlewire Applications
  • Understand how multicast should be deployed
  • Learn about resources that are available for helping you deploy multicast




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