Real-Life Examples of How the InformaCast M2M Plugin Helps Health and Safety Engineers Keep Employees Safe


Health and Safety Engineers (HSE) at manufacturing companies have the important and overwhelming task of keeping everybody in their facilities safe. With many employees, sprawling facilities, a long list of regulations to follow, and budget restrictions, there are many challenges to doing this. Here are some examples of how real Health and Safety Engineers across the country are using the InformaCast Machine-to-Machine (M2M) plugin to make this task a little more manageable:

Integration with an Ammonia Sensor at an Ice Cream Plant

Pure ammonia is used as a coolant in many large industrial refrigerators. If a refrigerator leaks, it can create a major health hazard for the people around it. This posed a challenge to the Health and Safety Engineers at a large ice cream plant in Iowa that uses several industrial refrigerators to maintain the quality of their ice cream. In order to keep workers safe, they integrated the InformaCast M2M plugin with an ammonia sensor that tells them when airborn ammonia levels get too high. Now, if the sensor goes off, InformaCast sends an automatic alert to all employees and they are able to evacuate the premises before their health is compromised. 

Eye Wash Station Alerts at a Military Manufacturing Facility

A high-tech military manufacturing facility that works with high-temperature glass used the M2M plugin to integrate InformaCast with their eye wash stations. Before, if an employee got a shard of glass or other hazardous material in their eye and used an eyewash station, it was hard to know where they were. Now, InformaCast automatically sends a notification to the management and medical response teams, not only to alert them that an eyewash station has been activated, but also to provide information about the specific station that was activated. This is an essential function because of the size of the facility and the varied locations of eye wash stations. The management and medical response teams can respond faster, because they don't have to waste time finding the particular station that was activated.   

Production Line Stop Notifications at an Automobile Manufacturing Plant

A large automobile manufacturer is using the InformaCast M2M plugin to prevent revenue loss by integrating InformaCast with their line stop button. When the button is pushed, InformaCast alerts the foreman, manager, and shift team that the line has stopped and provides information about the location of the problem. This allows them to address line problems faster and resume production sooner.  




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