Streamline Emergency Notifications with InformaCast Command Center


Custom Buttons for Common Scenarios

InformaCast Mobile and Fusion users now have access to the InformaCast Command Center from Singlewire Software. This new feature simplifies the emergency notification process with an easy-to-use web interface for sending messages. The purpose is to set up common emergency scenarios in the interface for immediate access to begin sending pre-built messages.

Users can build icons on the homepage for common scenarios, such as medical emergencies, fires, or chemical spills. These icons can have custom colors, text and symbols (e.g. red cross, flame, flask) to best represent each scenario. 

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Create Messages with A Few Clicks

Clicking the icon will take the user through a short series of simple questions that will help prepopulate the emergency notification they want to send. Questions can include what building and floor the emergency is taking place on, and even what kind of medical emergency someone is experiencing.

Before sending, users will be able to review the message to make sure the information is accurate. A breadcrumb trail will populate along the top of the page as questions are answered, and users can go back at any point before sending a message to change information that has been entered or selected.


Follow-Up with More Information

If a scenario message is configured to be sent to multiple distribution lists or groups, the user has the ability to exclude certain lists or groups from the message recipients. Once a mass notification is sent, users will be able to see that I went out successfully and immediately have the option to follow up with more information.

In addition, along the bottom of the homepage, users can see previous messages that have been sent using Command Center. Clicking on those messages gives the user the option to draft and send a follow up message to provide more information or give an “all clear” to recipients.

Boost the Power of InformaCast Mobile and Fusion

InformaCast Command Center is a notification system that provides a quick and easy way to get messages out to an entire organization when it matters most. Within seconds, users can provide their organization with a detailed message that let’s them know what kind of emergency is taking place, where it’s happening and what steps they should take to stay safe. This amplifies the effectiveness of InformaCast Mobile and InformaCast Fusion and users can still log in to these applications when messages need to be more targeted or detailed.

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