Selecting a Mass Notification System for Government Buildings

emergency notification for government buildings

Notify Everyone of Potential Threats

Government buildings deal with a unique set of challenges when handling threats. They need to be able to communicate the situation to everyone quickly and provide instructions for how the situation is being managed.

If a building comes under threat, it’s important to have a communication system that can reach everyone throughout the building on a variety of devices. Make sure your system can send text and audio messages to a variety of devices to ensure complete reach. Mass notification systems can be used for:

  • Intruder alerts and lockdown
  • Evacuation
  • Severe weather
  • 911 calls

It’s also important to look for systems that can bring people together, quickly to collaborate on how to manage the situation. Systems that trigger conference calls with high-level personnel help ensure a speedy response.

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Unlock the Power of Mobile

While it’s important to be able to reach people at their desks, it is even more important to reach them on their mobile devices. If someone is away from their workspace, you still need to be able to share information with them about the situation taking place.

Incorporating a mobile notification solution that integrates with your on-premises system can help save time and increase awareness during a crisis. Mobile apps that can trigger alerts make it easy to quickly spread awareness and initiate safety procedures.

Look for apps that allow you to send to multiple devices and offer the ability to ask for responses. Understand who needs assistance and who is safe with text and push notifications that ask recipients to provide a status update.

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Assess Your Capabilities

InformaCast was developed for government buildings following the September 11th attacks, and continues to serve more than 80 local, state and federal government agencies today.

To help determine your mass notification needs, download this checklist to assess your facility’s current capabilities.

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