Singlewire Software Partners with IPVideo Corporation on HALO Smart Sensor for School Safety

Singlewire Software Partners with IPVideo Corporation on HALO Smart Sensor for School Safety
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Madison, Wis. – Dec. 9, 2020 – Singlewire Software is partnering with IPVideo Corporation to combine the power of InformaCast mass notification software with alerts from the HALO Smart Sensor. InformaCast Fusion and HALO Smart Sensor can be seamlessly integrated to help communicate security alerts across an organization and public safety.

HALO has been used in thousands of schools for its vaping and THC (the chemical found in marijuana) detection capabilities to help stamp out the youth vaping epidemic. When the sensor detects an illicit substance, it triggers an alert with InformaCast which can then distribute notifications as text messages and emails to school staff. HALO has also added critical security functions to its abilities, making its integration with InformaCast and the partnership with Singlewire even more relevant.

With this partnership, schools can use HALO and InformaCast can help schools address a number of emergency situations with relevant, intrusive alerts. HALO can now trigger all of the mass communication functions of InformaCast to broadcast notifications over a school’s public address system, digital signage, or trigger E911 based on the severity. Here are six examples of how the Integration with HALO and InformaCast can benefit schools.

1. Spoken Keyword Alerting
Students and staff under duress can utilize a spoken keyword to send instant alerts to security. Now a student in the bathroom or a teacher in a classroom can alert security to an attack or emergency in real-time by shouting a keyword like “HALO HELP”. The audio is not being recorded or sent to the cloud so that total privacy is maintained. The alerts are automatically sent to security for immediate response. To help diffuse situations, the alerts also trigger an audible message that an emergency has been declared and security has been notified.

2. Gunshot Detection
As a comprehensive security and emergency response device, active shooter technology is now included as part of HALO’s audio analytics to help keep school campuses safer. When a gunshot is detected, the active shooter detection system within HALO instantly alerts users to the location of shots and simultaneously sends this information by SMS text message, email, and via InformaCast. To help diffuse situations, the alerts also trigger an audible message that an emergency has been declared and security has been notified.

3. Enhanced Audio Analytics
has machine learning capabilities to establish audible level “normalcies”, which can then be used detect possible indicators of violence and trespassing. The enhanced analytics learns the normal audio levels and allows security professionals to receive an alert when these levels exceed a threshold above normal values. For example, over time, HALO will know when the bells go off in a school, when the hallways are noisy and when the school should be empty. This has been beneficial to identify school fights, particularly in bathrooms, locker rooms, and stairwells that do not have video cameras.

4. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Air Quality Index (AQI) Measurements
Indoor air quality is the air quality within and around buildings and structures. IAQ is known to affect the health, comfort, and well-being of building occupants. Poor indoor air quality has been linked to sick building syndrome, reduced attentiveness, and impaired learning in schools. HALO now monitors and sends alerts based on IAQ measurements and will report the AQI for the indoor environment. HALO can also be set up to show a flashing light so teachers and staff members know when to ventilate a room based on rising or unhealthy C02 levels.

5. Sickness Prevention and Energy Savings
It is also integrated with BACnet, the communication protocol for Building Automation and Control (BAC) networks. BACnet allows communication between building automation and control systems for applications such as heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning control (HVAC), lighting control, access control, fire detection, and their associated equipment. The BACnet protocol provides mechanisms for computerized building automation devices to exchange information, regardless of the specific building service they perform. HALO alerts and sensor readings can now communicate to these varied control systems in response to alerts received including those levels that are deemed “ripe” for the spread of airborne disease. HALO monitors levels of carbon dioxide and can tell HVAC when fresh air is required, greatly improving school air quality and saving on energy costs. Additionally, some schools are using HALO to validate the cleaning times and frequency of custodial staff members.

6. Chemical Detection to Protect Student and Staff Health
HALO can identify and send alerts on the identification of chemicals and numerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in school science labs, storage rooms, cafeterias, and community exposures.

HALO has become an integral part of many schools’ safety plans.

Our HALO investment has paid off well for us by giving our school the ability to identify the students who participate in vaping and may need drug counseling, so we can get them the help that they need to overcome it,” said Sunny Shergill, special projects manager at Clayton Valley Charter High School. “Finding the right technology and integrator partner is crucial to implementing a successful solution and we were fortunate to have found both. CVCHS was able to make the campus safer by preventing a physical fight, while also getting students help to overcome their challenges all with one powerful device. There are no other products out there that offer what HALO does – a complete solution for vape detection and security.”

The sensor’s resilient design has proved invaluable to schools looking to overcome challenging situations.

“The HALO device was incredibly accurate with its real-time alerts, be it vaping, THC, or vandalism,” said Ron Lucas, director of security at Pequannock Township High School. “Initially, we had a few attempts at disconnecting the devices and a few incidents where an object was thrown at the sensor to disable it; but both were unsuccessful due to the tamper-resistant features. Having the HALO device enabled us to see the problem vaping has become at our school and now we finally have a tool to help us address it in an effective way.”

Its sophisticated analytics also make it easy for school administrators to identify the severity of an unfolding situation.

The device has been extremely accurate and has helped school leadership deal with the vaping issue effectively by identifying when and where our students have been vaping,” said Kristopher Harrison, Ed.D., Superintendent of Schools for Irvington Union Free School District.“In addition, it has given our school the ability to differentiate from typical vaping to those that have THC in it.”

To learn more about how schools are utilizing HALO in their buildings, watch this video with Andrew Jones, principal at Rensselaer Central High School.

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