How Manufacturing Facilities Leverage Emergency Notification Systems


Keep Staff Safe and Operations Running

Manufacturing facilities can be hazardous environments. Loud machinery can make it difficult for emergency messages to be heard, and industrial equipment can sometimes lead to accidents. These facilities want to keep their people safe and operations running smoothly to minimize downtime should an incident occur. Having a tool that can alert people throughout a facility with audio and visual messages helps keep them safe and informed. But it can be challenging to determine which tool is the right one. The best way to find out is by seeing how others use it.

Manufacturing facilities across the country leverage emergency notification systems to provide safe work environments and improve communication. In this blog post, we’ve compiled stories from manufacturing facilities that provide first-hand accounts of how emergency notification systems are changing the ways they share critical information that helps them keep people out of harm’s way and deploy efficient responses to emergency situations.

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Reaching Everyone, Everywhere

Growth for any company is always positive unless the growth prevents messages from reaching the right people with critical information. That was the issue NB Coatings, a paints and coatings manufacturer in Chicago, ran into as their operations grew.

The campus contains full production facilities for solvent and water-based paints, a quality control laboratory, an administrative office, and a small warehouse. However, messages couldn’t be heard on certain parts of the campus due to structural and technical challenges. The company needed a way to send notifications to multiple devices, so everyone would be aware when an emergency occurred.

The information technology director implemented InformaCast which helped consolidate paging systems and manage everything from a central web portal. This allowed the safety team and other staff to send emergency messages that reach all areas of campus.

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Knowing When an Emergency Occurs

Having disparate systems can hinder the speed at which emergency messages are sent. Joy Global Holding Company, a worldwide leader in the manufacture of underground and above-ground industrial mining equipment, was using outdated and disparate phone systems in their production and assembly facilities. The company needed a way to quickly send a critical notification to workers in the event of an emergency or severe weather.

It was also difficult for managers to learn about a situation if someone dialed 911 directly instead of using the internal emergency phone number. With worker safety being a primary focus for the company, the challenge was to improve the safety of the workers by building an effective tool for emergency mass notification.

Joy Global implemented a Cisco Unified Communications solution across the entire enterprise, including network routers, phones, and wireless access points. InformaCast emergency notification software enabled Joy Global to transform its Cisco investment into a network-based mass emergency notification, crisis communication, and overhead paging system. And with InformaCast CallAware, a free add-on to InformaCast, Joy Global can monitor the phone system for specific numbers dialed, including 911.

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Integrate with Existing Systems

As mentioned in the examples above, and as is the case in other manufacturing facilities using InformaCast, an emergency notification system that can connect with the technology a facility already has in place offers a tremendous value. The value comes in cost savings since manufacturing facilities need to invest in fewer pieces of technology, but also in the ability to reach more people. For any organization, speed and reach are the two most important aspects of any communication system. Being able to get a message out quickly to everyone can mean the difference the between safety and harm. InformaCast can connect to IP speakers, digital signage, panic buttons, Cisco IP phones, desktop computers and mobile devices to share critical information.

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More Tips to Enhance Safety and Communication

The key to providing a safe environment in any manufacturing organization is facilitating strong communication. Standardizing procedures and leveraging mass communication tools like InformaCast to bring together disparate systems helps get important messages to the people that need it.

These are just some of the ways manufacturing facilities are leveraging emergency notification tools to help enhance safety and communication. Other use cases include automatic conference calling after an emergency, severe weather alerts, and more. Visit our manufacturing page to learn more and contact us if you’re interested in speaking with someone about how InformaCast can be used in your facility.




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