White Paper: Solutions for Your Toughest Manufacturing Challenges

white paper for manufacturing emergency notification

Solutions that Improve Employee Safety, Communication, and Productivity

Manufacturing facilities all face the challenge of reaching their workers in the event of an emergency. Fire, weather events, medical emergencies, chemical leaks and violent people are threats to every organization. Unique threats such as an overheating freezer, an emergency line-stop, or an empty fuel tank on a back-up generator may also threaten safety, damage assets, or cause loss of revenue.

Automatic alerts generated from disparate systems can help detect events, but these systems and sensors often lack an effective means for sending notification to people through multiple communication channels. Many lack the ability to automatically trigger other systems in the network to respond.

Leveraging InformaCast's open API allows any organization to more fully integrate custom notification into the workplace, far beyond the typical use cases. We've pulled together several great examples of innovative uses from our customers to share.

Highlights include:

  • Hazardous Chemical Alerts - InformaCast immediately notifies all plant workers if an ammonia leak from industrial refrigerators is detected, warning of potential interactions with other chemicals in the facility including bleach.
  • Activation of Eye Washing Stations - If an emergency eye wash station is activated, InformaCast automatically sends notification to emergency response teams and management with location information.
  • Building Lockdown - If someone threatens the front office staff with violence, plant workers are warned of the event in-progress, doors are automatically locked, and special teams are mobilized to address the situation.
  • Managing Notification for Several Campus Locations - Safety teams managing multiple sites have the ability trigger emergency notification from their smart phones no matter where they are.

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See InformaCast in action. Watch the video case study to see how Joy Global / P&H Mining uses InformaCast for emergency notification: 






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