Receive InformaCast Notifications from Eye Wash Stations


What did you do this morning? Perhaps you got dressed, cooked breakfast, saw your loved ones before you all scattered to various places, drove to work. It’s likely that you’ve repeated this or some sort of routine over the course of many mornings; so much that you don’t even think about it anymore.

Now, imagine how different your routine might be without the ability to see. Imagine not being able to see the clothes in your closet, the food you are cooking, the faces of the people you love. Imagine not being able to drive your own car.

Sight impacts so many areas of life. Yet, for how much our eyes do, they are two of the most vulnerable parts of the body. In situations where eyes can be exposed to chemicals or foreign objects, being prepared for immediate action is crucial.

Eye wash stations are relatively common, especially in the manufacturing industry. Yet, flushing eyes out might not be enough. Sometimes, even the process of eye washing itself can temporarily compromise a person’s abilities. InformaCast can help you and your people get assistance even when in this vulnerable state.

InformaCast can work with your eyewash station to automatically notify your safety team when the eye wash station is used. This will help spur immediate action making it more likely that the affected person receives the treatment he or she needs in time to prevent eye damage.

It is easy to implement this important feature, because InformaCast integrates with contact closures. In other words, any electrical switch can trigger InformaCast and InformaCast can trigger anything controlled by an electrical system. It’s as easy as turning on a light switch.

Taking this one simple step can help protect one of your most used senses. Learn more about InformaCast by contacting us here.




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