Singlewire Software and Barix Expand Endpoint Integrations from Mass Notifications


Partnering with Barix

In an effort to offer greater flexibility for end-users who are deploying InformaCast, Singlewire Software has expanded its endpoint integrations with Barix devices. For nearly two decades, Barix has designed and manufactured IP audio and control interface hardware solutions and components that deliver an unparalleled combination of reliability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. The company’s IP audio encoders and decoders allow robust transport of high-quality audio over IP networks and integrate seamlessly with traditional analog audio equipment. The Barionet programmable I/O devices provide a bridge between IP networks, software, and physical interfaces.

“Barix offers straightforward solutions for basic paging and announcement applications, but InformaCast provides a comprehensive management platform and extensive ecosystem for advanced mass notification and crisis communications,” said Reto Brader, CEO at Barix. “By partnering with Singlewire and integrating our hardware offerings with InformaCast, customers can leverage all of the capabilities of the InformaCast platform while taking advantage of the reliability and cost-effectiveness of Barix devices as endpoints.”

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Offering More Mass Notification Options

Barix’s dedicated audio and interface hardware devices provide reliable, mission-critical applications at an affordable price. Multiple Barix product lines are now integrated with InformaCast including:

  • The Barionet family of programmable I/O controllers. These devices bring contact closures into the InformaCast environment to integrate with tools like fire alarm systems.
  • M400 IP audio devices and earlier Exstreamer IP audio decoders, which provide dependable endpoints for receiving InformaCast notifications and feeding them to audio amplifiers.
  • The newly-announced IP Former device, which transforms standard speakers into InformaCast-compatible IP speakers.

“We want our customers to be able to utilize the solutions that work best in their environments, without losing the safety and communication benefits offered by InformaCast,” said Pat Scheckel, executive vice president of product management and marketing for Singlewire Software. “By expanding our integrations with Barix, we are giving organizations more ways to build a mass notification ecosystem that keeps all of their people safe and informed.”

Barix endpoint devices can be easily registered with InformaCast to quickly begin sending communications. For more information visit




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