Singlewire Software Announces Winners for 2018 InformaCast IP Speaker Awards


Finding the Best IP Speaker

When it comes to mass notification, IP speakers can be critical tools that help spread important safety information. Because of this, we’re often asked by customers and prospects to provide recommendations for IP speakers. However, there is rarely a straightforward answer to this question. Environments, use cases, and budgets all play a role in which is the best IP speaker for an organization.

In the past, we’ve directed people to our ecosystem partner page. We partner with a wide selection of vendors for InformaCast compatible IP speakers, but beyond that guidance was limited. We decided to change that with our first ever InformaCast IP Speaker Awards. This program set out to determine which speakers offered by our ecosystem partners were the best fit for different uses cases customers and prospects frequently ask about.

Speakers were rated as the best in their selected categories based on information provided by the vendor, customer feedback, and input from the Singlewire team. While Singlewire Software has selected winners in each category, our InformaCast IP Speaker Guide includes all nominees along with relevant information. Download the guide for more insight and to help determine the right IP speaker solution for your organization.

Best IP Speaker for Manufacturing


Speaker Model and Vendor: Valcom VIP-480-AL-IC IP FlexHorn

Attributes: This speaker can withstand a hose hit, produce audio that can be heard over the noise of loud machinery, and operate at extreme temperatures. An optional strobe is available for visual alerting with VIP-999 or visual alerting with VL530A-IC.

Best IP Speaker for Outdoor Use


Speaker Model and Vendor: Atlas IED IHVP+

Attributes: This IP endpoint comes with a horn instead of a speaker driver. It is waterproof, weatherproof, and vandal proof.

Best Classroom IP Speaker


Speaker Model and Vendor: Advanced Network Devices IPSWD-RWB

Attributes: This speaker can be heard in noisy classroom environments, includes a hands-free intercom for two-way communication, offers scrolling text, can act as a master clock for an analog clock array. It also includes line-in for voice reinforcement.

Best Two-Sided IP Speaker


Speaker Model and Vendor: Advanced Network Devices IPCDS-RWB

Attributes: This speaker provides time with digital clocks, can be heard in noisy environments, and can include scrolling text. It also includes an integrated wall mount bracket.

Best IP Speaker with Large Sign Board


Speaker Model and Vendor: Advanced Network Devices IPSIGNL-RWB

Attributes: Text on this speaker can be seen from up to 150 feet away. It includes high-quality stainless steel front baffle, multi-color display, and high visibility LED flashers.

Best Cost-Effective, Audio-Only IP Speaker


Speaker Model and Vendor: Wahsega Labs SIP Alerter IP Speaker

Attributes: This speaker features easy mounting, call button, mic, relay for classroom lockdown, small form factor, and supports external analog horn speaker for increased decibel levels. Priced at $195.

Best IP Speaker with Visual Alerting


Speaker Model and Vendor: Advanced Network Devices IPCSL-W-RWB

Attributes: White text on this speaker can be seen from up to 300 feet away. It can alert people with strobes or lights and text can be static or scrolling.

Best IP Speaker Support Resources


Speaker Vendor: Advanced Network Devices

Attributes: Timely support is offered via phone, email and web conference. A Singlewire support page and downloadable app notes are available on the Advanced Network Devices website. For issues regarding multicast and SLP, users can expect friendly support via phone, email and web conference through issue resolution.


Click the link below to download the full IP Speaker Guide for more recommended speakers in each category along with purchasing information. All speakers listed are compatible with InformaCast emergency notification software. IP speakers are a key component of any mass notification ecosystem. For more information on what devices contribute to a robust notification ecosystem, visit our Ecosystem Partner page.

Download the full IP Speaker Guide




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