Singlewire Software Announces Winners of the 2019 IP Speaker Awards


IP Speaker Awards

Last year, in a continuing effort to help our customers find the right solutions for building their mass notification ecosystems, we held our first annual IP Speaker Awards. Recommendations for the best IP speakers are a frequent question our customers have, so we went to our ecosystem partners to have them tell us their favored offerings for a variety of use cases. Then, using that information, as well as feedback we’ve received from customers and input from experts on our team, we awarded top prizes for various categories. Due to the positive feedback we received from this program, we have once again compiled entries from our ecosystem partners for 2019.

IP speakers are an important part of mass notification because they can deliver intrusive audio notifications that capture people’s attention. When combined with visual alerting elements like strobes or scrolling text, they become even more powerful tools for sharing critical information. The best IP speaker for an organization is going to depend on a number of factors, including environments, use cases, and budgets. All of this information can be viewed by downloading our complete 2019 IP Speaker Guide. Please note that we have added some new vendors that have been added a in the past year, and some ecosystem partners chose not to participate in this year’s program. Full details on the winners of various categories are listed below.

Best IP Speaker for Manufacturing


Speaker Model and Vendor: Algo Communication Products Ltd. 8186 SIP Horn Speaker

Attributes: This speaker can withstand a hose hit, produce audio that can be heard over the noise of loud machinery, and operate at extreme temperatures. Strobes for visual alerting are also included.

Best IP Speaker for Outdoor Use


Speaker Model and Vendor: CyberData 011472 with 011489 Outdoor Strobe

Attributes: This speaker can withstand harsh weather conditions, produces loud audio that can be heard during a storm, is vandal-proof and provides visual alerts with audio.

Best Classroom IP Speaker


Speaker Model and Vendor: Advanced Network Devices IPSWD-RWB

Attributes: This speaker can be heard in noisy classroom environments, includes two-way communication, and offers scrolling text.

Best Two-Sided IP Speaker


Speaker Model and Vendor: Advanced Network Devices IPCDS-RWD

Attributes: This speaker provides time with digital or analog clocks, can be heard in noisy environments, can include scrolling text and includes a bright LED flasher for additional visual alerting.

Best IP Speaker with Large Sign Board


Speaker Model and Vendor: Advanced Network Devices IPSIGNL-RWB

Attributes: This speaker can provide the time, large text, and can be heard in a noisy environment.

Best Cost Effective, Audio-Only Speaker


Speaker Model and Vendor: Wahsega Labs 2x2 Ceiling Speaker with InformaCast and SIP

Attributes: This speaker has more features than other manufacturer’s products at a better price point which includes sound reinforcement, a panic button that can call two phone numbers and relay two lockdowns for two doors. It costs $314 when used with a Wahsega Secondary.

Best IP Speaker with Visual Alerting


Speaker Model and Vendor: Advanced Network Devices IPCSL-W-RWB

Attributes: This speaker can alert people with strobes and lights, includes scrolling or static text, and is visible up to 300 ft away.

Best IP Speaker with an Analog Clock


Speaker Model and Vendor: Valcom VIP-4122-A12-IC & VIP-4171-A12-IC & VIP-429A-A-IC

Best IP Speaker Support Resources


Speaker Vendor: Advanced Network Devices

Attributes: Timely support via phone, email, and web conference.

Click the link below to download the full IP Speaker Guide for more recommended speakers in each category along with purchasing information. All speakers listed are compatible with InformaCast emergency notification software. For more information on what devices contribute to a robust notification ecosystem, visit our Ecosystem Partner page or read our blog post on the subject.





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