Jabber IM Plugin for InformaCast


Watch the video below to learn more about how the Jabber IM Plugin for InformaCast can be used to send emergency notification to people in your organization that are running a Cisco Jabber client on their desktop or mobile devices. 


All right, the next thing I'd like to demonstrate for you is our new Jabber IM Plugin. So, this plugin, pretty interesting, lets you send InformaCast text and audio, that's right, and audio broadcast.

The Cisco's new Jabber IM client, so let's talk about that. The text shows up as an IM input in your IM client. The audio actually shows up as a link to an audio file in the cloud actually in Dropbox that you can click on and then hear the audio from that announcement. Security alert, there is an intruder in the Richardson facility.

So why is this important to you? Here's why. The new Singlewire Jabber IM client gives you another way to reach people who might be mobile. Anybody who's got an iPhone, an Android phone an iPad, an Android tablet, a laptop that they might be carrying around with them. Or even a desktop if they're sitting at their desk. But anybody who is mobile with one of those devices, you can now reach them with an InformaCast broadcast through the Jabber IM client.




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