InformaCast and Wachter: Making IoT Work for You



The New Era of Manufacturing

Modern manufacturers face many challenges that simply didn’t exist for their predecessors - larger facilities pose communication and safety challenges, demands on production are ever-increasing, and technical advancements are changing the face of the industry.

The analog systems of the past are becoming less effective at meeting the needs of today’s manufacturing facilities. Here's how InformaCast and Wachter can help your company stay competitive into the future.

How InformaCast and Wachter Can Help

A two-part solution that uses the mass notification software InformaCast and a network-based infrastructure from Wachter can help you stay competitive in today’s market by streamlining and automating the functions needed to keep production running and employees safe.

Wachter technicians can build or upgrade your facility by setting up electrical, data, and other systems to run on a single IP network. InformaCast can then monitor the data on that network and automatically send alerts to the right people when it interprets a need.

What Does This Mean for You?

Think of all of the old analog systems of the past - intercoms, fire alarms, line-stop buttons, and other analog systems. Each system was usually made by a different company, worked separately from other systems, and required a different management process.  

We can take all of that and streamline it into one automated system to help you keep workers safe, improve communication, increase production, and stay competitive. Below are a few examples of ways you can use this solution:

  • Line Stop Notifications: You have a large manufacturing facility. There’s a line stop in one area, and the longer it takes to resolve the issue, the longer production will be stalled. In the past, a line stop could mean serious delays while the right people were notified and while they tracked down the point of failure. InformaCast automatically triggers an alert to your floor managers when there’s a line stop and sends them information about when and where it occurred. The floor managers are able to find and address the situation immediately, reducing downtime.  
  • Chemical Monitoring/Life Safety: If your production process involves the use of hazardous chemicals, it’s extremely important that the air quality in your facility stays at a safe level for workers. In a streamlined Wachter environment, it’s easy to integrate InformaCast with an air quality monitor. If the monitor reads that airborn levels of a hazardous chemical are reaching dangerous levels, InformaCast automatically broadcasts an evacuation notice to the entire facility and notifies the safety team.
  • Communication with Workers: Outside of work hours, InformaCast Mobile can help you reach all of your workers or a specific group of them on their mobile devices to coordinate shift changes, inclement weather alerts, and many other functions. This allows you to have open exchanges with all of the people you need to reach without having to individually contact each worker.
  • 911 Call Alerting and Recording: If someone in your facility dials 911 or another designated emergency number, InformaCast can automatically send an alert to the on-site safety manager and CPR-certified workers with a recording of the call and information about when and where it was placed. Click here to see how this helped a man who was having a heart attack at Joy Global.  

For more on these and other examples, click here to watch a brief video.

Modernizing your facility InformaCast and Wachter can give you a competitive edge in today’s market by improving safety and efficiency in your facility. By taking advantage of technologies that can do the monitoring and managing for you, you can focus your time, talent, and resources on production.    


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