Ecosystem Partners

Learn more about our partners in areas such as IP speakers, digital signage, panic buttons and more.


InformaCast’s vast ecosystem means that your messages are delivered on many different endpoints and you are able to utilize your existing communications infrastructure more effectively. In turn, your messages are delivered with greater speed and reach than if you had to use separate systems. In fact, one university customer told us they cut their overall message delivery time by 85% by leveraging the InformaCast ecosystem. 

Become an Ecosystem Partner

Singlewire has enjoyed a successful partnership with Cisco for over ten years with more than 6,000 CUCM customers running InformaCast today in 50 countries. Singlewire Software entered into an OEM relationship with Cisco in 2013, shipping InformaCast with new installations of Communications Manager, preloaded on the BE6000, and is available for clients who upgrade to CUCM version 8.5 and higher.


IP Speakers & Clocks

InformaCast compliant IP speakers, using Singlewire's patented IP speaker protocol, provide unmatched scalability and functionality. There are many options to choose from, including LED displays with network time synchronization, weatherproof horns, weatherproof, large format for long distance viewing, etc.



Panic Buttons

SIP-enabled panic buttons and/or intercom endpoints can be setup to trigger and/or receive InformaCast broadcasts. These devices can be mounted under a desk or in a discreet location. If an event takes place, the user depresses the button. The call button automatically makes a call to a preset extension number. InformaCast can be configured to monitor that extension using CallAware and trigger a broadcast.


Contact closures can be added to InformaCast as input ports to trigger InformaCast broadcasts when they’re activated or output ports which can be activated upon receiving an InformaCast broadcast. Typical use cases include receiving an input trigger from a line stop button, a fire alarm system or an ammonia sensor. Typical output use cases include automatically locking doors. The InformaCast M2M plugin supports the Perle IOLAN DS1 D2R2, Perle IOLAN DS1 T4, and the Barix Barionet 50.

Zone Controllers

Zone Controllers with line audio-out ports enable InformaCast to send a broadcast directly to your existing (analog) paging system. In InformaCast, the zone controller functions like an IP speaker.

Digital Signage

While there are many digital signage vendors on the market today, the chances are good that InformaCast can send to your digital signs, displaying the text of the InformaCast broadcast. InformaCast reaches the digital signage software via the quick URL plug-in, by RSS or by a javascript, depending on the signage software manufacturer.

3rd Party Mass Notification

With InformaCast Mobile or InformaCast Fusion, you can reach your mobile users directly. However, some of our customers prefer to continue to use their existing mobile mass notification provider, and Singlewire has produced integrations with some of these providers.