Safety starts at the front door.
Stay a step ahead with Visitor Aware.

Protect your entrance. Protect your people. Visitor Aware, our visitor and student management system, provides comprehensive tools to screen and verify guests and volunteers instantly, account for your people during a crisis, and assist with reunification after critical events. Integrate it with the technology you already own to reduce costs, get up and running quickly, and take advantage of increased flexibility. With Visitor Aware, you’ll provide peace of mind whenever someone enters your buildings.

Discover the difference.

Not all visitor management systems are created equal. See what sets Visitor Aware apart.

Facial recognition

Encrypted facial recognition results in fewer false positives


No proprietary hardware means you save money using existing tools

District-wide insights

Multi-site insights eliminate multiple same-day check-ins for approved visitors

QR code scan

QR codes help identify and verify visitors with ease

Preregistration links

Preregistration links save time and hassle

Mass Notification System

Mass notification compatibility with our InformaCast software

Visitor Aware®. Solutions for visitor and safety management.


  • Screen visitors and volunteers in a matter of seconds
  • Check visitors against national databases before granting them access
  • Pre-approve guests ahead of their visit to speed up the check-in process
  • Leverage whatever hardware works best in your environment

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Safety Drill

  • Schedule and assign drills across your district
  • Monitor compliance and drill completion
  • Maintain digital records to demonstrate compliance
  • Record student location information for streamlined reunification

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  • Account for students during a crisis
  • Reunite students with guardians easily following an incident
  • Submit tips about potential school threats
  • Streamline the carpool line pickup process

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  • Verify students get on the correct bus
  • Notify guardians and school officials that students are on the correct bus
  • Use GPS to track bus and student locations in real-time
  • Know when students have gotten off the bus

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Integrate with InformaCast®.
Add mass notification and incident management.

Alert everyone and prepare for any emergency.

Extend the reach of your emergency messages and leverage tools to manage any incident from start to finish. InformaCast enables your organization to deliver intrusive text, audio, and visual messages to everyone the moment an incident occurs. Collaborate virtually, view real-time insights, and access the resources your team needs to quickly and successfully resolve a critical event.

We’re ready to guide you, every step of the way.

Dedicated Team

Our Customer Success team assists in getting your system up and running.

Support Community

We provide many on-demand resources including knowledge-base articles, user guides and forums.

Video Tutorials

Singlewire Academy and instructor-led virtual classrooms walk you through processes and answer common questions.

Professional Services

Leverage our team of experts to configure a solution for the specific needs of your organization.
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Hardware Recommendations

Build a system using tools that meet your organization’s exact needs.
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Addressing unique safety and visitor management system needs across industries.

Looking for more safety and communication solutions? InformaCast is our mass notification and incident management platform that works with Visitor Aware to further enhance your ability to detect threats, alert everyone, and handle critical events.

Schools &

Prioritize student and staff safety, manage bells and visitors, and prepare for any emergency. Learn More


Protect your staff and provide excellent patient care with targeted alerts. Learn More

Colleges &

Communicate across your campus with ease to keep students and faculty safe. Learn More


Overcome noise in your facilities with intrusive audio and visual notifications that reach everyone. Learn More


Minimize disruptions and keep your operations running smoothly with mass notifications. Learn More


Communicate easily with everyone whether your building is under threat or you’re trying to maintain daily operations. Learn More

Visitor Aware application open on a tablet

“Visitor Aware’s check-in process for guests and the app have added another layer of safety and security to our district buildings.”

Aaron Brown, Technology Specialist, Joplin Schools